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David Christensen is an Elite Fitness Coach who has been in your shoes.

In January 2013, David separated from the military after 10 years. He then experienced on of the worst years of his life. Divorce, foreclosure, the loss of his father and son, he spiraled out of control. Without his army brothers with him, he lost his support structure and didn't know himself anymore. All the while, David got up too 310 pounds and was contemplating suicide.

In 2014, David realized something, he had the choice to live. He found real fitness, and not the Army push-ups, sit ups, run 5 miles, but true, healthy fitness. He started training in different modalities of exercise and research different dieting. David struggled with all the misinformation online and fad dieting. So he decided to go back to school for Health and Fitness.

After 3 years of study, and ups and downs male veterans go through when so overweight, David put together these programs from his gathered knowledge. These systems will equip you to get into the best shape of your life, overcome your demons, and experience a brotherhood and sisterhood you've long missed.
Custom Online Personal Training
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